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This region has been around on Nation States for close to four years, now, and it has enjoyed its fair share of war, romance and passion! We in Sondria aspire to a greater level of excellence and quality in our work, but also believe in forging a solid community of friends and brothers. We have had our ups and downs through the years, but Sondria has proven itself to be a region that endures. Our esteemed cast of members include several prolific writers and mentors. 

We are not like any other region. Sondria, as well as being a role playing region, is a community. This region is host to communists, fascists and republicans, but in the end, we are united by a common love of history and writing. We are always there for one another. 

We are an MT (Modern Tech)/ Early PMT region that uses game-side population stats. We have a rather martial In-character history, and we enjoy a good war every now and then. Still, we do indulge in and enjoy diplomatic and character based RPs as well.

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